Paintings: Commissioned work


‘Eltham Palace Entrance Hall’ w/c 22″ x 18″

‘Eltham Palace, Entrance Hall’ 22″x 29″ w/c
‘Eltham Palace, Sketch’ 15″x18″ w/c
‘American Ambassadors Residence, Dublin’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘St. Brides Church, Fleet Street’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Interior at Lissadel, Ireland’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Ruin, Ireland’ 15″x 11″ w/c
‘Room at Luggala, Ireland’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘The Liffey, Belfast’ 11″x 7.5″ w/c
‘Eltham Palace, Sketch’ 14″x 20″ w/c
‘Marble Archway, Dublin College’ 15″x 11″ w/c
‘Boat House, Ireland’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘Santiago de Compostela’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Post Office, Madrid’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘Dublin College Hallway’ 22″x 22″ w/c
‘Glen Castle, Staircase, Ireland’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Durham Cathedral, Storm’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Durham Cathedral’ 30″x22″ w/c
‘Breaking Wave’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘Down House, Kent’ 22″x 30″ w/c
‘Lake Vyrnwy, Wales’ 22″x 30″ w/
Ireland, Sunset 22″x 30″ w/c
Pulpit Stairs, Durham Cathedral, 30″x 22″ w/c
Greek Orthodox Church 22″x 30″ w/c
‘Sea and Dark Clouds’ 22″x 29″
‘Private House, Bushmills, Ireland’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Corner of St Mark’s Square, Venice’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Durham Cathedral Window’ 30″x 22″ w/c
‘Moonlit Wave’ 22″x 30″ w/c
Wave Night Time, 6’x5′ Oil on Canvas
‘Wave, Grey Blue’ 22″x30″ w/c


2 thoughts on “Paintings: Commissioned work

  1. Hi, where do you sell your paintings? I love the brutalist architecture and escalator paintings.
    Thanks Jess

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