‘Places of Transit’ Reeds Wharf Gallery, London 1995

‘Escalator’ Oil on Canvas 5’x 5′
‘Two Steel Doors’ Oil on Canvas 9’x 5′
‘Mirrored Escalator’ Oil on canvas 5’x 5′
‘Mirrored Escalator’ watercolour 22″x 22″
‘Revolving Doors’ Oil on Canvas 8’x 8′
‘Escalator’ Pastel on Paper 5’x 5′
‘Escalator 2′ Oil on Canvas 6’x 5’
‘Elevator’ Pastel on Paper 10″x 10″
‘Staircase’ Pastel on paper 10″x 10″
‘Desk and Screen’ Pastel on paper 10″x 10″
Installation, Reeds Wharf Gallery